mardi 31 janvier 2012

UFC on Fox 2: Evans says Davis isn?t ready for the big stage

Phil Davis is talking a damn good game getting ready for his UFC on Fox 2 main event fight against Rashad Evans. It was so good recently that Evans had finally had enough saying it's all lip service until their face to face in the Octagon.

"When you get hit in the mouth, things change," Evans said during the UFC on Fox 2 conference call (2:15 mark). "When you got hit by 'Little Nog,' you didn't know what to do. When I hit you n the mouth, you're going to feel it."

Davis set off Evans when he said the former UFC light heavyweight champ wouldn't have to worry about a title shot after this fight. Evans unloaded on the young Davis, also suggesting he would freeze in a fight of this magnitude.

"He ain't ready. He knows he ain't ready. You're just a boy," Evans, 32, said of the 27-year-old Davis. "We're going to see what happens. When those lights hit you and the crowd is roaring ... we're gonna see what kind of man you are, what kind of fighter you are."

Evans then went onto say he's a real fighter. He fights because he loves it while Davis fights because it's a job that pays. So the heat has kicked up a notch for Saturday night's fight on network TV.

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones did his part to pitch the bout. He came out with some pretty strong words about Davis' chances in the fight, saying "Rashad's chin sucks." Jones said Davis by knockout is possible.


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